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Latest DMXCreator Software for:

DMXCreator512Basic/128 (USB to XLR cable black and gray)

DMXCreatpr512MK2 (red box, LPT interface)

DMXCreator1024 (blue box, USB interface)

DMXCreator1024+ (orange box, USB interface)

Version 8.01 for Windows XP to Windows 10, 32/64bit
For news of this version, read "README.TXT" after installation

​Version 5.88d for Windows 98 / ME only

Latest DMXLight Software (black box, LPT interface):

Version 4.2 (Windows ME/98 only!)

Fixture Panels:

The full library is included in the Zip file

You can build you own fixture files using the incuded panel designer.


To install a new fixture panel, unzip the downloaded file and copy the file(s) into your DMXCreator device folder i.e.:

C:\Program Files\Dmxcreator VX.XX\Devices



Click this link to download the full package

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